Equipment Legacy

Baseball legends and their spirits have had an impact in the great game of baseball. Young players all over the world are ready to make their mark playing our National Pastime. Playing baseball has brought joy and excitement to the youth today. That becomes an important part of the culture which teaches valuable life lessons, like cultural diversity, social responsibility, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship, while having fun.


   The Keepers of the Legends Foundation will bridge the gap between legends of today and tomorrow’s legends by sharing equipment and the fascinating stories behind the equipment. We collect and give baseball equipment along with assistance to young people in underserved communities around the world.


We were inspired to start “Keep it Playing”, when Yankees legend Rollie Sheldon gave his glove to a young man that participated in the Ralph “The Major” Houk commemorative all-star game.


   Extra Innings
Keepers of the Legends have four goals for this program:

To support the growth of baseball & softball Nationally and Internationally.

To give kids equipment so they can create their own baseball story.

To teach kids valuable lessons through baseball, like leadership, teamwork, and, sportsmanship. 

To make friends all around the world through baseball & softball and the sharing of stories.


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